Sha JingJing (沙晶晶 ) 先生の医学博士号への公開プレゼンテーションおよび本審査最終試験


I have spent four years happy time in Shimane. And, I’m so lucky to get the opportunity to join the excellent research in my life. Under the supporting of my professor’s guiding and my colleague’s help, I gradually met the criteria for a PhD program and complete the oral defense in the end today. Thanks for their help to make me the achievement. I also appreciate the participation of the three examiners and audiences. All of your advice and encouragement give me an improvement to face future research. This just the beginning of my life, I need a long way to go. I will take my effort to become an excellent dentist and researchers in the future. Finally, I would like to thank my professor, colleagues, and friends again. I hope all of you can realize the dream in your life.

Sha Jingjing

本日、当講座博士課程大学院生のDr.Sha JingJing (沙晶晶 )先生の医学博士号への公開プレゼンテーションおよび本審査最終試験が実施されました。Sha先生は、先月本審査を終えたBai先生の奥さんであり、中国寧夏医科大学口腔医学院歯科保存学講座からの留学生で、島根大学医学部と寧夏医科大学との学術交流姉妹提携に基づき、島根大学医学部博士課程歯科口腔外科学専攻へ進まれました。



教授 管野貴浩